Keyframes only working on movw Zed axis, it wont animate rotation on z axis. Confused

I’m animating the Pixar Logo with the lamp.

Off camera is where the lamp starts, -z… I insert a starting keyframe LOCROTSCALE. I move up on the Z (so its visible on camera) the add another keyframe. I move up 25 frames in the timelime, and tab into edit mode to rotate the head of the lamp to the right on the z axis… move up 25 frames and rotate the other direction on the z to the left. But Its not animating, when I replay it, it just moves up and down…

Im perplexed! I just want to move the object pieces around and keyframe them. I didnt want to use a armature/bones because the mesh is simple. I applied the scale, the origin point is set to geometry and transformation is set to global. Any ideas?

Mesh data cannot be animated. You can use different objects though, but to animate anything resembling a character, I advise using an armature.

You could also use shapekeys, but they work only on linear transformations (translations, basically).

Ahhh… So in my case, whats happening is that because the lamp is made up many objects put togther, that when I move to keyframe it screws up, because it should be its own object? I kinda understand what your saying. I’ll try shapekeys and maybe a lattice, if it doesnt look right I’ll go with an armature.

No I was just saying this for completion, you’re gonna need to use eiher 1. different objects or 2. an armature. Shapekeys are used for localized deformations, and mostly deformations which have to do with scaling, volume, etc. (muscle bulge, wrinkles, etc.) In your case you’ll be better off with a simple armature. A lamp may just be a lamp but animation-wise, it’s a character, so you need a character rig, albeit quite simple.

Okay sounds good! I almosted finished making a rig for the lamp