Keyframes scene problem


I have been working 20 hours or so on an animation lately.
It features two armatures connected to their own mesh.

Anyway, this is how I work:
Animate the armatures, animate the camera, and so on.
When I am done with one scene, I make a new scene and select full copy, and create new animations and different camera angles. I have made something like 7 scenes now.

I worked pretty fast and didn’t really review the scenes, I only did a low quality test-render when finished, and went on working with the next scene. After a lot of work, I decided I would look through all the scenes.
But when I selected the first scene, the animations and keyframes was that of the last scene.
All the keyframes from the other scenes are gone too.

I don’t know what’s wrong. I really thought that the keyframes were stored for each scene, because it seemed like a logical way for blender to do it.
What can I do?

I use blender 2.57.

You have effectively lost your animation from the previous scenes. You may be able to recover it if you open up one of the BLEND1 or BLEND2 files.

What you are experiencing is the default operation of Blender. Blender is one giant database and offers up convenient containers like scenes to organize work. But all data is available from any place at anytime. When you created the FULL COPY you really created copies linked to existing animation data. When you edited that data, you edited for all linked data, even the objects in the other scene.

What you want to do is to open up User Preferences and choose Editing along the top. You will see a list of check marks under Duplicate Data. What you want to do is to turn off Action. Then try your scene duplication process again.

Thank you!

Although, I have decided to treat each scene as a separate blend-file instead.
Each scene requires much work anyway. It seems like a good way to do it.