keyframing custom properties?

hi guys, i’m having problems with keyframing some custom property sliders, which via drivers affect the influence sliders of some actions strips.

ie i’m trying to use custom properties in the 3d view to blend different actions in the nla editor.

if you look at this screen capture, your’ll see the graph editor curves are meant to be smooth bezier curves, but currently mine are stepped, resulting in the animation blending stuttering when played back.

is there a way to smooth them out?

i tried setting their interpolation type to bezier, which gave a slight curve as opposed to linear graphs, but they always seem to end up stepped.

the reason i have my custom property sliders set to 20 increments, is because that was a comfortable amount of distance i would need to drag the sliders, but also i didn’t just want the drivers to instantly switch their target’s influence between 0 and 1.

if i copy one of those stepped looking custom property curves and paste it into an object’s transform, the curve gets automatically converted to a bezier, so i imagine custom properties only use whole numbers/integers is that correct?

and if so, is this by design or a limitation of the custom properties?

From memory, it depends a bit on how you created the custom properties. At one stage, creating them using one technique via the console/Py scripting allowed you to specify the types, while creating via the UI would only create integers. This may/may not have changed since I last ran into this, so your mileage may vary.

thanks and yes, it seems as if creating the custom properties from the ui does limit the output to integers, as opposed to an object’s transform sliders that appear to always work in float numbers.

could this be considered a bug? …i don’t mind reporting it to the tracker if that is the case.

incidently, i am using official latest builds from

I just created a custom property on the default Cube and it created a float based custom property. So I am not sure if it is a bug or not. Perhaps variable type is related to the context in which you create the custom property?

thanks and this is looking more like a bug in my opinion.

if i load up a default scene and create a custom property on the cube (without editing the prop) then it does output a bezier. but if i edit the prop with a min of 1 and a max of 20, then replace the keyframes it converts it to integers, well it’s curve is stepped and no longer a bezier, even though the graph editor still says the interpolation type is bezier.

Maybe when you edit the ranges you need to specify the range using floats instead of ints. So, min of 1.0 and max of 20.0?

thanks, i’ll try that tomorrow and report back.

aligorith, thanks and that kind of works, although apparently it’s not the range that needs to be entered as floats, it’s the starting value of the custom property, can you test your end?