Keyframing does not work


for some reason in my actual project it is not possible to set a keyframe.
I choose an object in the main window, press “I” and the menu shows up.
I choose “LocRotScale” and … nothing happens. No keyframe appears in the timeline.
If I do exactly the same procedure in a new document, everything works fine
and an orange keyframe is visible in the timeline right away.

I made sure that my mouse cursor is in the main window when I try to insert the keyframe.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?
Thank you!

PS: I am a newbie, so it could be something obvious.

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Just in case anyone got the same issue – the solution was to go to the timeline and hit “View / View all”.
I still do not know what happened before to make the keyframes disappear, but after this procedure I was able to see my keyframes again.