Keyframing environment texture?

I have this problem, which I think might be a bug. I would like to keyframe environment texture so I can change lighting easily by sliding the timeline.

So I connected texture coordinate and mapping nodes to environment texture. While Im changing the Z rotation value manually, it works fine. But if I set keyframes to Zrot value, it does show that yellow/green bg behind value and even the value is changing while Im moving on timeline, but the actual texture won’t rotate along.

Is there any workaround to get this working? I’m using 2.79.

Keyframe the highlighted values;

That’s exactly what I did, but the texture is not doing anything while playing the animation. Those values does change tho, but the texture is not rotating.

how does this .blend behave;

et.blend (2.17 MB)

Works like a charm. Also made me realize that if you key frames to environment you must set the viewport to rendered mode to see the environment rotating. Although if you manually type the value to mapping node, you can see the environment rotating in all viewport modes. Not sure why is that. :confused:

Well, anyway got it to work now.
Thanks a ton RayVelcoro.

I didn’t knew that, I usually set the background to transparant right after adding the ET to only see how the lighting is effecting objects in, like u said, the rendered viewport.

Glad it’s fixed!