keyframing issue

Hi let me see if I can explain this:

In my animation there is a rotation along the y-axis of (-6) in the middle of the animation. so frame 1 is 0 and frame 25 is 0 and frame 49 is (-6), the problem is that between 1 and 25 the rotation changes slightly but is still really noticable, it goes from 0 to (-4.126) then back to 0 again. The only way I fixed it is to put a keyframe of 0 at 24 but I’m wondering if there is a solution.

By-the-way: I’ve used LocRotScal, just Loc, just Rot, and autokeyframing and it still has this problem. Also, because of the change in rotation between the 0’s it screws up the location of things after frame 49.

thanks for any help

My guess is change the handle type of the fcurve in the graph editor. Select all the keys in the curve and from the key menu select handle type : autoclamped (have a look at what they all do is my suggestion). Automatic would produce the behaviour you are experiencing.

Would the interpolation mode do anything? I’ve changed that a few times.

Thanks for the suggestion but I’m still having the issue…I went through all of the options and its still doing it.

look at the f-curves. I bet it is because of handle types and interpolation mode.

This is why I have started using default interpolation type of Linear.

Try opening up your User Preferences.
Click on the Editing heading.
Then, under New F-Curve Defaults change Bezier to Linear.
Save as Defaults.

Now re-construct your animation and observe the results.

yeah. I ended up using constant interpolation and vector handle type. This makes pose-to-pose animation a lot easier for me because I can see if the single poses work together. I found it a good habit to setup each pose so that they tell the story without any interpolation. after setting up the extremes and breakdowns, interpolation mostly works and it is then just a matter of finetuning.

works for me though. maybe others have another workflow :wink:


Thanks for all the suggestions. I did change the interpolation and handle type and it seemed to work a little better. The thing that fixed, or seemed to fix it, was parenting the different parts I had to the main mesh that way I only had to mess with the main mesh.

Thanks again!!