Keyframing not working, what am I doing wrong?

Hello there! I’m trying to set up an animation of a person walking towards a soccer ball and then kick it. But when I try to animate the kicking part (rotate leg, select master bone, add keyframe rotation), it won’t animate, nothing happens.

And if i try to just add keyframe to the rotated leg, it sort of takes over the whole animation from frame 1, and the character walks with a leg back up in the air. In the picture, the first keyframe in the action “kick” is him just standing, the second was with a bent back leg (as if kicking), but when i move around the timeline, the second one resets to the standing pose. Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here?

Bumping this, really need help with this :/. I just noticed that the keyframe-animation works for the whole character by rotating the master bone, but if I wanna rotate just the leg or any other parts other than the master bone, the keyframe does nothing…