Keyframing objects on later frames

Excuse my ignorance.

I have an objects Loc keyframed on frame 0, I advance the frameslider to frame 10, add a new object to the scene and key frame its location. if I play back the animation, both objects are to be seen from from 0, very startling for me.

I too a look in the dope sheet view and graph vie, the keys for the second object were placed on 10

Why is the image then to be seen all the time, from from 0?


If an object has only one keyframe, then that establishes its Loc(ation) for the entire sequence of frames unless another Loc is keyed at a later frame for that object.

If you are trying to make the second object suddenly appear at its keyed Loc at the later frame, then you’re not going about it the right way. You cannot keyframe the addition of an object to a scene in this way. The general method used is to create any & all objects a sequence may need, then use one of various way to make the already-created object appear when you want it to. Probably the simplest is to keyframe the visibility of the Layer(s) the object(s) is on.

Thanks for the tip. I have decided to keyframe the layers