Keyframing ortho camera scaling

Unless I’m completely missing something, there’s no way to keyframe the scale of the camera when you have it in Orthographic mode. Has anyone else found a way around this?

So… um… no one’s had a need for keyframing the scaling, I guess?

Couldn’t you animated it’s position, thus change the framing of the scene?

While that would be nice, unfortunately, no. Moving the camera in the local z-axis of the camera (at least in the versions of blender that I’ve tried) has no effect on the size of the objects in the view. Scaling is the only way I could find to do this… and that’s no keyframe-able.

Hmm, I tried keyframing the camera size, thinking maybe it would change the scale, but it didn’t work either. I guess that’s just not possible with the current version.