keyframing textures


Is it possible to keyframe a sequence of different textures to appear on the same mesh over time, swapping one for another? I really don’t know where to try insert the key. From within the UV Image Editor? I’ll keep trying to work it out, but maybe there’s a tutorial somewhere…

I want to take the effect of the flapping coat in this clip:

…and achieve the same effect in this clip:

BTW you’ll need the xvid codec to see the clips

…which has a panning camera move. The image is separated into colour and alpha textures, and I need to know how to keyframe both so that I can ‘step’ the texture changes through the camera move. I’m trying to achieve the look of a comic, with obviously drawn elements, but in a semi-3d environment. If you’ve played the game XIII or seen Sin City you’ll know the look I’m after.

My quick fix for now (more a hack than a fix) is to have a new image plane for each texture change - move them into position one by one, and then get them out of shot again. Kinda like a flip book. I hope to find a more elegant (and less time consuming) solution here though. :slight_smile:

See what Broken says there. You can load a sequence of images by Shft-selecting them all. But they must be a rendered sequence, not just a collection of images back to back.


Thanks Fligh %, you seem to be ‘the’ walking Elysiun archive…I’ll try processing the sequence with shift-select and as a raw .avi - introducing it as Broken says. I think my main issue is that the alpha image is applied to the material, and the colour image is mapped (through the UV editor) to the poly plane. I might be better trying to achieve the alpha a different way, perhaps with 32 bit .tga files. I know there are both material and texture IPO’s but I don’t know if they are of use in this situation.

They say the thrill of the catch is in the chase, so I’ll keep chasing this problem 'till I catch the solution. :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that this explanation was for an older version but it saves me typing it all out again: