Keyframing transform strip in VSE

How, exactly, does one keyframe a transform (scale, rotation, position) strip in the VSE? I spent over an hour last night trying to figure this one out, to no avail. The properties dashboard shows start and end parameters for each of these, but where do these get mapped to the strip on the timeline? For example, I have a still image I’d like to do a “Ken Burns” effect to, but I just can’t see how it can be done. Help!

Have you been watching me? I just updated the wiki Animating Effects and then the next page Transform effect this am… plz review and see if it helps. Be sure to Browser refresh page so you get the latest.

If you want to tie a specific Effect setting to a Specific frame, enable Ipo Frame locked, and then the Ipo curve value at that frame will be that value at that frame.

Wow! Cool - thanks!