Keyframing visibility of a group of objects in the outliner

I want to keyframe the visibility of a group of shards I created with cell fracture in the outliner window However when I try to keyframe them as a group blender dosent seem to want to let me but I can keyframe them individually.
Is there a quick way to keyframe there visibility or do I have to click each shard one at a time and keyframe it which will take forever?.

Ok this seems to be becoming a bit of a habit answering my own posts but the reason I am doing it is incase someone should stumble over it and has the same problem so I like to follow up with my solution when I eventually find one.
I wanted to keyframe the visibility of all the shards which are around 300 without having to keyframe the visibility one by one so I found that In the outliner
Hover over each eye in the group and press K (still a bit of a chore)
This adds them to the button keying set
so for instance once you have added them all to the button keying set
on frame 1 hit (I) to insert keyframe then select (button keying set)
and voila! All entities in the group have been keyframed at once.
Now I realise the power of keying sets and understand this shortcut can be applied to just about anything animatable in blender I can see it will really help my workflow.
Happy blending


I learned (here, on the forum) that keyframing the eye icon only affects the object’s visibility in blender screens (including its visibility in the dope sheet, which is insane, of course).

If you want your objects to disappear from your editing screens, on cue, then the eye is the right place to keyframe.

But if you want to affect the visibility of the object in renders, you have to keyframe the camera icon, to the right of the eye icon, instead.