Keying Array?


I’m trying to animate with Array Modifier… Of course, moving the Empties work out fine with keying. But “I” over the Count or Offset values is not doing it… How can i key these values along the timeline?

Possible or not? Is someone using this sort of nice twirling around here?:eyebrowlift:

EDIT: At the opposite, how can i do when i need an array transformation to become a straight solid/static object? Just by clicking “Apply” on all the modifiers?

Well… Is the code ment to be entered into the text pannel and applied at the wished frame to be keyed with the written values?
Or does it anebable the “I” keying of the Count value?
Script lines don’t really have too much of a meaning to me :o So i never understand what is does… Sorry for my ignorance…

Huh… No other option?

Do you know if the values will all be keyable in Blender 2.5 ?


The code is a scriptlink. If you follow the quick instructions in the referenced post, you can get it up and running, but here is an overview.

The scriptlink hooks to a text file. So if you have not used a text window prior to now, this is a good learning exercise. Create a new text window and paste the code into the text window.

You can copy the text right from the bowser, then use SHIFT-CTRL-V to paste the code into the text window.
Click the script icon in the buttons window (strange no hot key for it).
Click the new button and a list will appear with all available text window code that you can link to. The FrameChanged event is the default, which is what we want.

So now, everytime you move to a new frame using the timeline, IPO, NLA controls, blender will run this little bit of code.

You will need an Empty and a Cube.

The locationX of the empty controls the value that will be applied to the array modifier count. So you must be carefull when animateing the empty. You will want to move in real close and only slightly move the empty in the X direction.

So when the frame changes, the script is run and it looks at the X location of the empty. It then applies that value directly to the count of array modifier applied to the cube.

This is done repeatedly, so as time goes by, you can change the value of the array count by animating the Empty.

This is not a user friendly technique and even I had to beg here on the forum to get an API guru to help out. Ideally all modifier parameters should be animatable in the IPO. Hopefully future releases will deal with this limitation in 2.46.

Thanks again Atom, i will do my best to get through this code jungle (for me ) totally abstract and even less wysiwyg thing then 95% of 3D stuff… :wink:
One thing does appear frightening here… tell me every step can be (at least) confirmed with some “I” hitting and that everything can be fixed or cleared afterwards… (this can all be checked in IPO or something?) ;o