Keying cloth and softbody simulation / shapekeys

How can I turn cloth/softbody simulation into keyframes (shapekeys)?

Basically what I need is to have each frame as a mesh so I could hand pick most appropriate states to loop the cloth simulation (flapping flag).

Thank you.

o_O Can anyone help here, please?

For 2.4x there is an Export option that will output any mesh animation to Vertex Keyframe Animation (.mdd). This file can then be Imported back into Blender as Relative Vertex Keys (RVKs, aka Shape Keys). I have not yet done this in 2.5x, but have read that there is a functioning script (or scripts) around to do so, probably will require some searching. But the .mdd format is the way to go, since it records sequential vertex position data for a specified frame range.

Come to think of it, doesn’t the 2.5x Cloth modifier have an option to “Apply as Shapes”? Haven’t used it yet. either, but it sounds like what you want. Not sure about Soft Body but worth a look.

Tried .MDD - getting errors

There is no Apply As Shapes in 2.59 :confused:

Aha, found where Apply as Shape is :slight_smile: However, I can only to it to one frame.

I know the .mdd pipeline is solid for 2.4x (used it extensively in Kata), so you could perhaps use it for your cloth sim and carry the shapekeys into 2.59. Sorry about the Apply as Shape snafu, I shoulda realized it was only for the current frame. Although if it can be done for a single frame, I wonder why a range of frames isn’t an option? Sounds like a natural extension of the capablity.