Keying the object position (3d object on a video)

I’m working now on a video, where I need to compose 3d object with real footage. And I wonder how could I make it stick to one position, instead of moving together with the footage? Let me explain it a bit more concrete

I have a 3d model of a farm and a footage taken from copter. It moves along the ground. So I need to place the object at the exact place and make it stay there, while the camera goes away from it. Of course I can do it manually, just changing the distance and rotation, but that looks quite terrible though.
I do believe there is a more efficient way to some sort of KEY the object to a particular part of footage.


The keyword is matchmoving.

Could use the camera tracker to match the camera movement, reconstruct to get tracking points in the 3D scene, parent the object to the point(s) on the floor, then composite the two over each other in the compositor.