--| Keyji |-- Finished Model

This little guy still needs sculpting, texturing, and rigging. But the modeling stage is finished. WIP Here



haha he looks so happy :smiley: are you gonna rig him? :eyebrowlift:

Looks good, it would be nice to see a wire frame over top him so we could view the topology.

Cute as ever, I want to keep him and hug him and play with him and…:yes:

You did a nice job with the wings, you going to texture him eventually, maybe modeling the inner mouth?

looks great! B) Did you get the idea from the Durian baby dragon? :slight_smile:

The only crit: its wings would be its only pair of arms…right now it has 4 arms xD

Actually a lot of Dragons are depicted with a pair of arms and legs as well as a pair of wings, otherwise it can’t grasp or use anything and would have to eat like a chicken, plus if it fell down, it won’t be able to get up.

I’d say keep the arms.

Came out great Noobie. Be proud =P

Cyborg’s right, you’re thinking about Wyverns. The term dragon is really quite broad, like dog and cat. Theres so many variations =)

i’m probably going to get in trouble, but oh well. :smiley:

the apparent problem with wings and forearms, is that you can’t fit enough muscles in the same spot to both control the wings and the forearms. wings require very large muscles, but they would go right where the forearms are in this model.
at the same time, the dragon couldn’t do much in the way of grasping and pulling, because the wings join right where those muscles would go.

@N00BIE: It’s very good, i admire it. I’m not much good at organic modeling…

hey cool dragon and very clean model.

i wish i could make that kind of stuff;)

I agree with you guys on the wings…but…if the dragon is going to keep the arms/hands, then he should really get rid of the hands on the wings. (Oh, and bats dont eat like chickens…)

Looking Great Bro!! :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t you get it? dragon/bat wings are giant, webbed hands, at the end of a relatively short arm.
good point about the eating.

some paint-over illustrations:

Awesome stuff N00BIE :smiley: Are you going to make your own version of Sintel? lol lol just kidding…


he could make a toon version of the entire durian project! :stuck_out_tongue:
lol jk.

There’s the issue of size versus efficiency, the size of a body builder’s muscles don’t mean squat if they’re inefficient. You can have smaller muscles that are less noticable that are very efficient and get similar results.

Thank you very much for your kind comments all. (I love him too)

@ feelgood I still plan to sculpt, texture, and rig (take one guess who I will ask for help if I get stuck on rigging…:confused:)

@ atom I linked to the wip in the first post, plenty of wires in there, I left quite a trail.

@ mokazon the best dragons have 4 legs/arms + wings IMO take a look and see which design appeals the most to you http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&um=1&sa=1&q=dragons&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g10&start=0
I was inspired by durian’s theme for sure, Angela’s topology is the best!
I got ideas from this little guy as well. http://www.seikens.com/gallery/albums/seiken-densetsu-3/monsters/Dragon.gif

Keyji is scared of him!

I took some character design tutorials to get the juices flowing and then did some dragon drawing tutorials and photoshop drawing techniques. I have to say being able to accurately plot on “paper” what you plan to do helps heaps. Thanks again guys for checking him out.

Hey N00BIE,

He’s looking great, espically the feet :smiley:
Can’t wait to see what you do with him!!! Keep at it!!!

It came out pretty nicely. Now get to texturing him :wink: