Keymap and usability suggestions coming from a longtime user of a modified cessen keymap


(Casupaa) #1

The new UI and usability changes are so great, and I’m so happy to see many of these things coming into Blender. A few core suggestion coming from using and building on cessen’s keymap, which I think have some great stuff in it:

In Input -> Preferences, add input preference option for “Mode Selection” as a spacebar action.
Mode selection seems to be such a key element in Blender and would be nice for a space bar option.

In Input -> Preferences, add Move, Rotate, Scale preference option, that will overwrite across all modes. You should be able to chose whatever key you want, for each action, and related functions should follow (like “alt+s” for shrink/fatten and double click “g” for vert slide, and so on).
This will make it a lot easier to use your preferred move,scale,rotate keys, which are key in all 3d apps(and I guess up for debate in the community from time to time). Having this option will make it easier to modify around your preference in all modes and will accommodate the people coming from w,e,r programs, or just people that like something more comfortable like a,s,d or whatever.

Alt+1,2,3 could be a more logical way accessing Vertex, Edge, Face tools, after moving them to 1,2,3.
Maybe this could just be additional shortcuts if they are not used(I don’t think they are).

Absolute alt+middlemousebutton gestures to change view, instead of relative to your current view. This would work similar to the old cessen keymap. This would not allow you to center view to mouseclick though, but that function could maybe be moved to shift+middlemousebutton when not panning.
This would be less confusing than 2.8(because it can be hard to know exactly where you are in 3d space at times) and probably a faster way to navigate around you objects.