[Keymap] not-quite-default key maps.

These are my personal key mappings and I think they’re an improvement over the defaults - various small quality of life things, some of which I think blender should really include upstream, but I’m not willing to go through the bureaucracy of trying to get additional key mappings in… This shouldn’t really involve any relearning, just some convenience changes.

Changes from default:
3D view:

  • Deselect all if you click on nothing
  • Select click box selects when you drag instead of translating. Drag-translation always did suck.
  • Repeated box selects (left drag) will extend selection
  • Action mouse (old 3d cursor button) manipulates the viewport
  • Middle mouse places 3d cursor

Edit mode:

  • Q is bound to vertex smooth. I use this frequently for lump-prevention.
  • Alt+W is subdivide
  • Loop select on double click, extend with shift and toggle with alt+click


  • Left/right mouse select preference IS respected, although this makes a bit more sense with left click select I think.
  • I haven’t changed non-3d views - UV editor, for example, is still default.
  • These changes were made for my own productivity and I think they’re good, but they have not been carefully deliberated and may conflict with addons or something.
  • Conflicts with rRMB because rRMB uses press instead of click event. Right click is empty, but it’d be useful as spacebar menu (or rRMB, if it worked)


  • UV editor, maybe sequencer selection
  • Weight Paint, for example, should use right click selection. Left select doesn’t work with painting.
  • Drag-translate is useful in pose mode, but this breaks it.
  • Put this on github instead of dropbox.
  • Record a video


Let me know what you think!

I guess I should change that.

Oh right, I can’t, because it has to overwrite the existing action for press, which is set cursor. Sorry.

I noticed today that the blender 2012 experimental keymaps also include drag selection and some other things and it’s a bit less quirky than how I’ve bound it. I will look into porting those and binding 1/2/3 in edit mode, since I rarely actually want to switch layers while editing an object.

Yeah, that’s why I didn’t suggest the change, I edited the script myself and it didn’t work with default mappings.