Keymap Updates

A few updates:

Edit: another update :stuck_out_tongue:


Although I like it, it’s another conflict with node wrangler.
How come we can’t annotate anywhere in the gui? Or am I missing something?

Few more changes.


Whaaaat? But it was a perfectly fine pie menu! :frowning:

Wasn’t the new keymap supposed to leave some keys behind for users? Now there’s none in Edit mode. Not left-hand accessible ones anyway. D was the last one. The 2.79 keymap at least left Q…

Come on. We have pie menus now. Surely we don’t need to take up ALL the keys… Where will addons go?

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We are loosing quick annotation for an Xray that will be ignored since Wireframe mode.
It does not worth it.

Unfortunately, most of the keymap commits coming in right now are not directly related to the left-click keymap.

The mods are considering a lock on this thread, and come to think of it this thread is spent and there should already be a thread on general keymap changes (let us see people start using 2.8 in earnest when the beta comes out and then we’ll see which mouse key people flock to).

This was supposed to be development news more than reviving the high tension debate of left-click vs. right-click.

I think you might be right - it’s pretty irretrievable now and there is a link to a focused discussion on keymap issues one can follow (with stricter, clearer, less off-the-cuff rules for dealing with opinion/arguments).

I do appreciate the news though. So thanks for that :slight_smile: