Keypad views have stopped working

Hi All,

After using Blender over the last few months with everything working perfectly the keypad view buttons 0-9 have stopped functioning. The buttons themselves work fine outside of Blender but within Blender I’m now not able to change view.

Is there something within Blender I may have switched off to stop the views being selectable via the keypad?



eumate(SP?) numpad. pull down the top bar -> view & controls


Thanks for the reply!

I’ve looked at the view & controls menu but cannot see any mention of eumate numpad.

Whereabouts is this? Any chance of a screenshot?

Cheers again!


The Emulate Numpad option should not stop the NumPad from working. Are you sure you have the Num Lock turned on on your keyboard?


The emulate numpad is there:

But yes, DichotomyMatt is right, it does not make any difference on of off on the numpad use.

Good luck

Good work guys!

It was the numlock key after all. As I don’t have a light on that key I didn’t realise it was on.

Everything now works.