keys - python - IKA

(macherb) #1


I have installed blender 2.23 on linux (debian-testing, kernel 2.4.18 ).
In tutorials the keypad is used to switch the view. This does not work.

I wanted to peek into python applications with aid of a tutorial: Open texteditor with shift-F11 - does not work, I open the text-window and enter the suggested code. execute script with alt-P - does not work. Do I have to activate python explicitely and are these shortcuts then available?

Are IKAs supported by this version of blender?

Herbert Plass

(vwporsche) #2

i have windows, and idk n e thing about linux, but as far as the keypad goes, did u make sure “num lock” is on? that should do it… i think. :smiley:

(Schlops) #3

Seems as if your windowmanager/desktop-environment handles the shortcuts. The best way is to undefine them, as far as they are not important for you.
Are there any error-messages in the terminal-window from where you started blender? (don’t start blender by icon-clicking, if you wanna develope scripts!)