Keyshot .obj+.mtl export into Blender issues? Materials not showing up

I have this model that I spent a lot of time to get the textures and colors correct on Keyshot. I wanted to do a specific animation in Blender with this model. I exported it as an obj. file with an associated .mtl file. When I import the file, I’m not getting the materials. I tried going into the rendered view mode and cycles but it’s just blank. :frowning: Am I out of luck? I thought this would be easier and I really don’t want to redo all my materials.

I’m sorry to say that you need to do everything from scratch if you use .obj. And this is true for all apps not only Blender. If you use image textures you should be able to just load those in Blender and apply them the same way you did in keyshot. If you use any specific keyshot feature or procedural noise then you have to find ways in Blender to mimic those.