Keystrokes "march" through 0-9, No Hotkeys work.

Okay I’ve posted this in the Support/Basics & Interface and the Coding/Python forum. So here I am in the Technical Support. Blender does not recognize keystrokes as there assigned character. If I press G to grab and move an object it switches to layer 2 when I go back and try again it goes to layer 3 and so on. When I go to enter numbers manually in an input box I could type any characters and the result is; 567890123467890123456789. I’ve tried resetting blender presets and get this error;


I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled blender, trying to wipe this problem away and start over with no positive results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


What operating system and hardware? Does your keyboard work fine with other applications?

Windows XP. Yes I’ve tested that out with GIMP and the hot keys work fine.