Khaliscope Public Beta

It’s an old experiment of mine that I started in Unity a while back. Now redone in Unreal. Khaliscope is pretty much a model viewer and editor combo. You create scenes in the editor which can then be viewed with the viewer. I’d say the most similar software out there are Marmoset toolbag and viewer.

Khaliscope doesn’t do anything too fancy, it just exposes some of the existing functionality in Unreal. A lot more will be exposed in the coming versions.

Khaliscope Editor

Khaliscope Viewer

Currently, the only supported platform is Windows. A web viewer (HTML5) is planned. A Linux release may follow after the Beta as well. The pricing model for the Khaliscope Editor isn’t decided, but the beta is free.

As you would expect, it’s got rough edges and it’s missing some basic functionality at the moment. And the file structure is likely to change several times before the end of the beta, so assume that each update will break backward compatibility.


Bug Reporting:
An issue tracker has not been set up yet. When the existing known issues have been tackled, the issue tracker will be set up. For now, just have fun with it.

Great work.

Haha, thanks! first user feedback, yayyyy :smiley:

Version adds a basic Transform Gizmo. Only translation is supported as of yet. There is also some reduction in package size.

Will you be adding any export functionality? What I mean is, can I open a model format not supported by Blender and then export to something that Blender can read or is this only for Blender scenes?

Importing of various 3D file formats is supported (thanks to Assimp). Over 40 of them! Chances are, if it’s a popular format, you will be able to import it into Khaliscope. For an exhaustive list of supported formats, check out the assimp page
Blend formats should work as well, but I haven’t personally tested it.

Export functionality isn’t planned however. The need for export seems very rare to me. As far as I know, Model viewers such as Sketchfab don’t support exports either. However, if there appears to be a high demand for it, I will consider an open format such as Collada.