Khmer font problems - will subscribe for solution!

Hi there, this is my first post, hope it’s in the right place. And I suppose I should say early that I’m a linux user.
I basically just use the VSE (though I would like to integrate 3D and compositor knowledge eventually). I am still relatively new but have made some small productions, and spent many hours enjoying this great program.

As my productions deal with the Khmer community, it would be nice to be able to input and manipulate titles directly in blender (using raster formats in gimp at the moment). Though the problem I first found months ago remains, which is it doesn’t evaluate the new form of a consonant when input as a subscript, nor does it attach vowels to the consonants (just shows them by themselves) or display digraphs at all (which are basically a font macro for two already existing characters combined, in the case of Khmer, 2 vowels applied at once, instead of pressing the two separate keys). In short, the complexities of a unicode set such as khmer don’t work :frowning: Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? I know Khmer isn’t a popular language, but similarly structured languages such as Thai or Korean, do they work?

I would love to know where the problem lies, or if anyone has any clues.

I use Gnome Linux Mint 10 64 bit, if that helps.

I already give monthly donations to my Linux distro, and believe in supporting open source projects such as blender, and believe that anyone who has the capacity to do so, should! (even if it’s just a bit, it all adds up!).

I will sign up for a silver subscription to blender in exchange for a solution to this! It really is a barrier to what I would eventually like to do with the program. (I’ll probably subscribe anyway, but hey!! lol).