Ki Beam attack go!

Ok, now that I got your attention, I need to find a way to make a laser that looks like it’s been shot from a very large cannon or from someone with a very high energy level.

And exactly what, expressed in strictly visual terms, would convey that to you “at a glance?”

Ok, simply put I’m trying to figure out how to make a ki blast from Dragonball Z. Yeah, you probably seen it before but I’m trying to get it like this.

I’m bumping this thread to see if anybody else can help me answer this question.

the guy explains how to do it in a response to one of his youtube viewers.

It’s rather basic.
Two 2D particle emitter tubes (donuts). One for the beam. One for the splash field.
I then added a cloud type texture. I just played with the settings till I got what I liked. Rendered with a motion blur. Soon as i finish the mocap and camtracking I’m going too see how cheesy it looks and tweak till it looks mostly real:). Though it’s giving me some deflection problems. Anyway, Glade you like it. watch my little lightsaber test till I post something new in case your bored.
saturnofsands 3 years ago

But it doesn’t tells you where to add the cloud type texture or the settings of the particle system. I still need to know.

Once again, I haven’t found the answer I was looking for. Can someone tell me how to get this effect?