Kia optima 2012 workshop

Hi guy

this is my first workshop in this forum

i hope you enjoy it
its about Kia Optima car
i will try to make it
i love it ^^


New updates

Looks fantastic! More people must come and comment on this :smiley:

I agree great one :slight_smile:

Thumbs up! It looks good

Nice, already see the detail, looks like this one is going to turn out great!

thank you guys i will try to finish it
this week

Good stuff you have going on there.

Can’t really criticize this one. Flawless so far.

But I’ll be watchin…hehee.

Bravo! Interesting choice for a car to model. Do you own one in real life?

I was thinking about modeling (someday) a Hyundai Sonata (the car I’m currently driving) just because I’ve never seen a 2009 in any of the 3D model collections around the 'Net.

Indeed amazing job!

thank you very much :smiley:
hope you enjoyed it
cuz i,ve finished it xD

well i would love to own one but i dont :
thanks for your comment
for sonata if you need any help im here
i,ve found some interesting blueprints
and i will be making the new one soon
2010 or 2011 i think

thank you very much

so guys

here is the finished car

im gonna do some rendering at the end of the week

hope you guys enjoyed

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s finished, you shoud make some kind of bottom cover, you know, but that’s easy. And maby model some brake discs and calipers? Just to maintain the detail level you’ve achieved. Oh, and I’d love to see edit mode view of the lights, I still don’t know how to make proper lights :frowning:

PS: You also forgot the exhausts…

can we see some wires? :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice
here some lights wire :smiley:

very nice and clean modelling! could i request you take a screen shot where two panels are close together?(ie edges of the hood) have you used a solidify modifier?

whoaaaaa amazing!

can you please tell me where in the car you want
cuz i dont understand car parts name well xD


Wow, you’ve achieved some very clean modelling there. The best thing I can say is that from the side view screen shot the model really does convey a sense of something with weight and volume to it. I don’t think that you really get that unless the details as a whole all work together.

Great job! and very inspiring to see.

Can’t wait for some final renders.