kick a ball animation

Needs more polish. But it’s pretty good.

Hey drgci,

Good start mate. Couple of things to consider if you do another pass:

  1. Currently it’s quite stilted. Each keyframe stands out as a keyframe. You want to tweak it so the movement flows into the next keyframe.
  2. Remember, all good animation has anticipation, action, reaction. In this case you might want him to run backwards and hold that position (anticipation), run forward and kick the ball (action), then have him follow-through on the kick by stepping forward another step or two (reaction).

Good luck!

archdragon thank you for the tips i will try to fix them on the next animation

To expand off of what ArchDragon said, I think the way the person moves is sort of unnatural. The movements of the limbs are very stiff. One way to get a feel for how it should look could be by simply trying to kick an imaginary ball yourself (probably best if you do it in front of a mirror) to get a feel for it. Take note of the motion and where everything goes. You can also probably try finding references somewhere online.

hmm first try to drive the motion with pelvis.