kick ass army game (RECRUITING)

						<b>Project name:</b>

Brief description:

Target aim:



Talent needed:
modeler,textures,and game builder,game helper.experience some who knows blender ok and can modelgood

Team structure:
JollyGreenGiant: unknown
and me:modeler,game builder

Website: dont have one yet

my email is [email protected]

Previous Work by Team:
first one

Additional Info:


run for there fucken money!!!
Sir, their.…money, sir.

Oh boy. People will take you a bit more seriously with some screens, and explanation of your skills, an attempt at proper grammar and spelling, and a general outline of what you’ve already worked on.

tell me if u like this name killstreak for the game

this is somthing i have made but it is a lil off topic

Is it yours?

Trinity Smith uploaded this image to

opps i gave u the wrong one here a sword i made and a building


kick ass army game (RECRUITING)
We want YOU!
Do you think you have what it takes to help with a kick ass blender online game? Do YOU want to kick people ass like in battlefield 3?
Help me in the battle to create the [I]best Blender/I] army game EVER!
Lets give the other game makers a run for their money!


here you go.

screenshot(dont have)

May I politely suggest working on your modeling, texturing and animation skills before proposing to take on Call of Duty etc…?

And are you not also working on the Survival Horror game? Focus, sir.

the zombie was a fail and ok

screenshot(dont have)
information (game called killstreak)
plot (stell comeing up with it)
target (a online multilayer army game)
ranks ( Private,Private First Class,Lance Corporal,Corporal,First Sergeant,Sergeant Major,Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps)

Why did your zombie movie fail? Identifying and understanding past failures is important for future success.

An Army game with Marine Corp rank? Ok. Also, the rank is wrong anyway.

the movie fail because no one helped and ever who was helping haven’t been on for 12 weeks and the morine corp goes

  • Private E-1
  • Private First Class E-2
  • Lance Corporal E-3
  • Corporal E-4
  • Sergeant E-5
  • Staff Sergeant E-6
  • Gunnery Sergeant E-7
  • Master Sergeant E-8
  • First Sergeant E-8
  • Master Gunnery Sergeant E-9
  • Sergeant Major E-9
  • Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps E-9

Yes, reread what you said, you are disagreeing with yourself.

Ok, I guess we should all just write something like:

“koool! this will be awesum! kant wate for the game can I make it for you pleeeez I ggod with props but i suck at texturing lolz.”

That’s what is expected and desired. Not any dose of reality. Good luck, you’ll need it. I’ve go a nice list of things you can do to make your game run faster. Link in my sig.

i know my friend told me how it went the first time that why it was wrong then i looked it up. so ever who is replying to this thread are u going to help

Hey let him show up some content, people on this forum think they are superior by making a little game content, give me a break be more pacient with people, he doesnt show up too mutch but lets talk more suportive instead of be like that!

so… is any one going to help? or is go be a fail just like the movie =(

You are correct. It was the “lets give the other game makes run for their fucken money!!!” statement that got my eyes rolling.