kick him!kick him! ( let's laugh!)

I made this video just for fun with my wild blender :stuck_out_tongue: .

I don’t get it…

it sends us off to a lot of pop-ups and a language I don’t
understand at all:

“Vous essayez de télécharger un fichier d’une page d’un membre Lycos MultiMania, en hébergement gratuit :

Redirects page to:

"Bienvenue sur le site du projet Archangel:Ways of Prophecy.
AWP est un projet de courts-métrages en image de synthèse entièrement faits avec un logiciel freeware nommé BLENDER. Pour en savoir plus sur cette série, il suffit de suivre le site…!
Contactez moi "

I can understand “contact me” and “freeware Blender…” but everything
else is completely french to me :slight_smile:

Try again dude!

Cut n paste the link in a new browser :smiley:

bien c’est francias! That is because it is french! It sure pays to know several languages! BTW it says that if it doesn’t automatically download then click on this link but it doesn’t work like you said it just brings up popups!

Hehe, reminds me of XIAOXIAO :smiley:

nice one :smiley: some movements are not correct, like the landing of the right guy, after the ultra-master-whatever kick :slight_smile: but hey… really just peanuts

Clic with the mouse right button, then clic on “save target as”( I don’t know if it’s write like this on your popup %| ). I hope it will work correctly ( I’m not as stupid as you think guys :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ).
However, the redirect site is mine; leave a message on the guestbook %|

nice! very fun to look at.

Nice, :smiley: It looks very cool, a little to fast though.

Hey, cool. :slight_smile: How did you do that? :o