Kick out Bullying

Hi, guys
enjoy my animation


oh yeah! cool vid, nice characters, realistic ball movements and nice camera work.

Purely ExCeLeNt=D

Nice work. The stylised characters worked well :slight_smile:

Here are some pointers on what you could work on for next time:

  • In many places, there doesn’t seem to be convincing “weight”. In particular, the footsteps didn’t seem to exhert any force upon the ground… they just floated near it
  • When the red boy falls down, he recovers a bit too quickly IMO
  • The hand which comes to pull the bully moves a bit too slowly. It’s pose also seems a bit quirky…


Aligorith, thanks for your critic & comment, I will do it

It is good. I like it.
Why don’t you make a 3d soccer game with 22 players ?^^