Kick the muse back in gear....

(rwenzlaff) #1

I figured I was spending too much time debating terms of licences and discussing code. So I sat down and made something.

The Beacon.


(BgDM) #2

Not bad. I like it.

Onlly suggestion would be to turn down the Halo intensity on the spot lamp coming from the sphere. Too sharp IMO.


(@ce) #3

I likeit allot!..very unatural…but magical at the same time…
nice work :slight_smile:

(blengine) #4

looks great! the border of the planet is not smoothed though?? looks like osa didnt do anything there, lol, weird…
the rocks could use a good subdvide then subsurf to get rid of them artifacts(just the big one)
i love your lighting and texturing, this is a great scene

(rwenzlaff) #5

I noticed that on other projects, I just forgot on this one. I don’t think OSA can do anything with an edge that is up against the “world” color. I’ll have to add a second sky sphere for the sky color or something…

(meb1617) #6

ITs nice! And I like it. Just have to say i think you need to put a higer level of OSA on cuz your sphere’s aren’t smooth around the edges. But over all it is a very nice render!

aka Matt

(rwenzlaff) #7

Thanks, but it wasn’t the OSA (The edge where the land meets the sky is smooth). It also wasn’t the “world” problem I’ve seen before (The edge where the land meets the sky is smooth). I had the planet completely surrounded by particles and apperently that confused the Z-Buffer and prevented OSA from working properly. I moved tha particles towards the camera, and deleted 1/2 the emitter mesh and the edge of the planet was smooth.

I tweaked a few of the textures while I was at it, so I give you rev 2: