kickstarter project.... ANYONE?

hi everyone…

I been thinking a lot about making a game but its been a long time since I’ve done any graphics.
I got so many ideas for games that I believe they could turn out very fun to play. I thought maybe kickstarter may be of help funding the project but I need help. I’m looking for someone to partner up with, and discuss the project in depth before doing anything. I need someone to help plan the process. PM me if interested maybe your ideas may be better than mine.

seriously no one wants to share ideas?

Maybe lack of detail is chilling the level of interest. For example, will this game be a first person shooter or something light like a 3D version of Tetris?

A lot of the people here have been hurt before. It’s best to begin with at least a genre and a story.

You know a lot has change lately when it comes to funding and distribution. There are more options for brainstorming a working model. I’ve thought of starting a thread to kick around a hypothetical to see what could come of it. It’s always been a difficult thing to do, but I’m wondering if it’s much more doable without the constraints handed down by publishers and investors.

I’ll be free in about six weeks. Maybe then I could chip in a bit if I get some spare time. I’m not a game player, but I’m sure I could gain from you lots of ideas/programs etc just to get me back in into the graphics field. I’ve had a real long hiatus from this.