Hi guys,

I have an animation project on kickstarter which just went live.

I am of course using Blender, and have mentioned Blender in my description on kickstarter. I’ve been using blender for nearly 6 years now and feel that I can accomplish my goal of making a 10min CG film in around 12 months. There are only 2 main characters (shown in my concept poster) although there a few shots containing extra characters.

Please feel free to ask questions…


Saw your description on kickstarter, looks ambitious. Pledged… can’t wait to get my copy!!!

Thanks man. If it goes ahead I’ll be sure not to disapoint. :slight_smile:

£25,000 is a pretty tall order (about one fifth of the budget for Big Buck Bunny), but good luck with it anyways. Is the finished result going to be licensed as Creative Commons?

25K is a lot but like I said in the video I have to support my family for about a year while working full time on this film. I’m not planning on making the film CC, and I know thats rich for someone using Blender, but I do hope to make a career out of film making and so I hope to be able to sell the film through itunes or some other distributor.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi stevecameron: First good luck with your project, and greetings. Never spotted you here before. I have family in and around Edinburgh.

Thanks man. My sister and her family live in Indiana. (I know thats not that close to you but its something)

Oh, I don’t know about that. Being a retired Truck Driver, I’d call that a short hop. And I’ve got some family in Forfar, and Angus, if you’re familiar.

My north of Scotland knowledge is rather embarrassingly sparse. My father-in-law is also a truck driver and could probably tell you the best rest stops etc in the whole of Scotland. He has some rather long stories, about his job, which he loves to repeat nearly every time I see him. :slight_smile:

Sorry to derail the thread further, but I also have a lot of family in Forfar as well. Small world. Should also add that I’m in Michigan.

@stevecameron: Around the 3rd or 4th, I should be able to donate a little something, but it won’t be a lot as I’m in the process of moving which will involve paying movers as well as 1st and last months rent.

@ifcruickshank: I’ve been talking to my relation in Forfar about our family tree, and after investigating the history of our clan, I found out that we are direct descendants of Rob Roy, which pretty much amazed me. That and the fact that, at the time, our last names were changed to protect the clan from execution by the British. Very interesting stuff. He’s going to send me a color copy of our family crest that I intend to model in Blender, along with swords and other artifacts that could be placed in a scene of sorts.


All respect for this project, but I think you started your kickstarter prematurely. There´s nothing on your kickstarter page that indicates what final level of quality we could expect. The animation looks ok, but it wouldn´t hurt with some action shots, there´s nothing of that “nailbiting” suspense on there. IMHO you should´ve at least have waited until the first part was finished, for two reasons:

!. It would show somewhat what quality animation you´re capable of, and
2. That you´re able to finish a project

Now this is just constructive criticsm, and I hope you don´t take it the wrong way. I´m looking forward to seeing the final result as much as anyone here, but kickstarter projects need a good strategy to succeed, to let people know why they should back your project and not one of the thousands of other projects on there.

Good luck!

Thanks for the future backing GLackie.

@Brilliant Ape, you raise quite a vaild point and to be honest the project is scary to me as I’ve never worked as a professional animator, and don’t have a great deal of experience in animation projects other than my own stuff. In the back of my head I was thinking that if the funding doesn’t happen then I would just keep going with the first Midge film and then go back to Kickstarter with a finished film and try again. I would probably raise a lot more interest that way, but I thought that showing some clips of Midge 1 would be enough to show people that I am capable of realising my ideas.

The other possibilty would be to make the aniamtic first then go to KS, but then that spoils the story for potential viewers.