KiD 1.1 (play it and finnish it for FREE) (GOD mode released) (mpeg available)

Hi, alot of you have seen my work in progress thread:

at this thread you can see how the game evolved

this is the small mpeg of game play (before completion):

this is the work in progress screenshots:

this is the finnished screen shot:

this is the finnished Game!!!

The story board and functionality (much like Morrowind or Ultima series):

You are transported into a hi tech world by your pc, in the world you can do almost anything, in game world you can dress your character in your choice and color of Kevlar, carry a wepon and back pack drive any vehicle on the game, talk to in game characters. the story is about the porthole back being non-functional and you KiD must find the 6 elements of game world to restore functionality to the porrthole and thus get back to earth…


Dual core 1.6 ghz with a Geforce 512MB or better!

To activate God mode, get the cell phone (put in back pack) and type IAMGOD (in caps) then push the little green button

Nice work, it really reminds me of n64. But that was a compliment.

ok, I cant wait for someone to finnish it

I just played a little, and I congratulate you on a finished game!
I do have to say, there a few typos, and I was rather surprised by the lack of sound!

the sound in 2.49a is bug riddled, so bad that I could not pull it off, so listen to your favorite music instead, I will include sound if blender upgrades.

also, sory about typos, I will try to have all the ones I know about fixed in alpha 1

ps : this is an alpha 0 stage game

thank you

So here’s my thoughts on it:

You need a better navigation system. It’s hard to use the scroll wheel, arrow keys, and A/D all to just look around and move. Another way to move is to click on the ground where you want to go and arrow keys to move camera. I know you can hold the right mouse button and it goes there, but I don’t like that control very much.

Instructions! I was confused as heck!! And I still am. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to move the camera. I still can’t figure out how to pick things up and use the inventory. I try to put something in my inventory and it seems like it disappears. Then I click on the inventory, and my backpack pops up! I can’t put it back in my inventory, so I set it on the ground. Then 4,000 bucks randomly pop up!; There’s 104 keys on my keyboard, three controls on my mouse, and several thousand pixels to click. That’s 149,760,000 options!! How am I supposed to know what to do without instructions?

Graphics Options. I have a crappy graphics card, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. It supports GLSL, but the frame rate is really low (I was even in windowed mode). If you just had some options to turn off shadows, extra textures, and shaders, my frame rate would be much better. These are all options that can be changed through Python.

By the intro screen, it seems that you plan to market this. If somebody is looking to buy the game, and tries the demo in this state, they won’t buy it, because they can’t figure it out. Somewhere I remember a statistic about how long people will wait for a webpage to load before they go onto something else. It’s really short. I’m sure it’s longer to figure out how to play a game, but first impressions are essential, especially on the internet.

Don’t get me wrong:no:. It’s amazing that you actually finished a game! Most people don’t. I’m sure the game is really fun to play, but since I can’t figure out how to use it, and there’s no way for me to improve my frame-rate, I can’t find it fun. Please don’t think that I’m saying this game sucks. I’m just trying to offer some constructive criticism. I hope you made it this far in this really long post lol.

Um, my imediate thought was that the interface was so simple you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, also, dont guess weather it is fun or not without actually playing it. if your pc is that slow, get a new one, technology is cheap, I dont rate your experience and use of old technology to test a perfectly good game, I find your stratagy unprofessional.

Thank you

I don’t mean to get into a fight here or say it’s a bad game. I’m just honestly telling you what a customer would think and what I thought. I’m sure the game is great. I’m just letting you know of some simple things you can change that would make the experience better for some people.

PS: I will politely disagree with your opinion that technology is cheap.

it definitely needs work

could you please post the game in a zip format so it doesn’t take that long to download and it is also safer, I really would like to play it.

Um, ok.

1.The reaper(she) found you after you were teleported into game world
2. phara knows how the porthole back to earth works
3. You are in Game World! (the intro was changed to welcome you to game world 1.1)
4. This is now fixed in version 1.1
5. you put it in your backpack, a new little window with a green button pops up in your player inventory window, you just type the number - eg 555 012 (Shouts number) and push the green button with your mouse. if you want to know a characters number, speak to them and choose “cell” (there is a cell phone in the beginning now, on the shelf (I use it to activate GOD mode)
6. I know my absence of auditory information can be misleading, but, you must look carefully at what you see, and you will find out what to do, in the first scene of the start new game section, you are teleported through a porthole into game world, the first movie shows you popping out in game world behind Shouts house
7. the reaally bad guys wear darth vader helumts and will attack you when they see you. but the Color Klan hates the Elvin and will ask you to go and kill some of the Elvin.
8. I suppose I am used to it
9. it should not be, I definately made it invisible, try it agian, if you can write the method down and send it to [email protected] also, keep in mind this is an Alpha 0 version
10. Adventure, exploring, being naughty, stealing, fighting, driving, flying, and most importantly, finnishing it!
11. those are genuine Kevlar underware
12. wasd is to control the scene camera, s is lock to behind the character, the other 3 are to pan the camera and to lock the camera to north
13. It is similar to morrowind and can be entirely mouse driven, also, what happens in the game is a big surprise for you to find out.
(the keys are in cluded in a help file now 1.1)
and finally…

  1. lol, its not GTA and you cant hijack the cars or bikes, you have to find keys to an in game car(stationary cars called “locked…” or buy a car from the car dealer, and get a shotgun or a giloteen as a better wepon.

thank you, and I hope you play it again, and again and again.

I wasn’t hijacking, I was attempting to wage war with the biker!
but he was too tough.

I didn’t have the motivation to finish the game.

first of all thank you RH2 for your input.

I now have a new version 1.1 with alot of bug fixes.(can be downloaded above)


Interactive cursors for look inside, grab, talk
Shadow bug fixed(it looks almost like true parellel shadows)
The vader force bace was hard to land in with a helicopter or stealth plane
A help file with all the buttons is in the KiD directory
A cell phone was put in the beginning on the shelf in your room (used to activate GOD mode)
Shout welcomes you to Game World!!!

Thank you all for your testing, I really do need it.

If you have already built a character : move the save dir in KiD, reinstall and copy the files over!!! (no sweat)

my computer says that your installer is a virus or a disk error… :frowning:

My parents computer says the same thing as Linkxgl’s computer, and I have no other computer to test it on :frowning:

Its not a virus, I will try to reupload again later tonight, it might have been an upload error.

Thank you guys, Im sorry for the inconveniece, Im sure you will enjoy playing it when its there

I have re uploaded it(and tested the download), you can try now, I appologise for this, but I do all the respective work.

Thank you all, an please feel free to distribute and play it as much as possible, I would appreciate it, not having much support as I am a lonely(unless you all a pc company) old geek.

thank you

Hmmm, is there sound with this? It’s very silent for me. Also, on the main screen with all the colors…there’s too much going on. With all the rainbows. I hope I can get this working. :slight_smile: Looks nice otherwise!

Hi Celestialberry

There is no sound as I am working in 2.49a, If blender upgrades I will add in some sound effects and background music (they are installing a new system with 3D sound and that it streams the sound from the hdd (in Blender 2.5))
…I hope you will enjoy listening to your favorite music in the mean time.

The rainbows? I presume you mean the scene where you enter your basic information? yes, it looks busy, it is supposed to look like a porthole has opened in your monitor, I hope you can see this.


Rainbows? ha ha, yes this is a very colorful game, most of the game objects can change color(any color of the rainbow). (you can also buy game objects in your favorite color)

Thank you

Your comment

if your pc is that slow, get a new one, technology is cheap
isn’t helpful. People who can afford to upgrade their hardware already have ( or plan to), and those who can’t don’t benefit from such comments.

I liked the screen-shots of your game, but as is often the case with blender games, yours would not run at all on my computer, the error I got said that a necessary image did not exist. I used your installer, and there didn’t appear to be any problems with the installation.
I’m using blender 2.49b and python 2.6.4 . I’m not sure which upload of your installer I used, but it’s stated version number was 1.1.

Thanks for posting links to your game so we could give it a try.