KiD 1.1 (play it and finnish it for FREE) (GOD mode released) (mpeg available)

This game has requirements similar to any game released in 2010, in fact my computer is bottom of the range and two years old, I think if you are testing new software that you would have enough respect for the author to play it with the necissary requirements.

origionally I did not post requirements as it should be playable on any standard computer.

The requirements, as listed on my website, are a dual core 1.6GHZ aswell as a Geforce 8 512MB or better graphics card.

I will amend this post, my appologies for the brief description, but I really do type out alot of these things

If you are getting slow down problems it is recomended that you run it in window mode.

My appologies for my spelling :stuck_out_tongue:


This game truly is GREAT!!

With a list of controlls and some improvements on the back pack (you should plan on to make a list of things that you have in it, so you just have to click on it to get it to your hand, and also I got a silver back pack, and all my things in it was gone and I had some big problems without a GPS…). But still, I think that this would be the best game made in blender that I’ve played. And if you would fix these things, it should be even better!!

1st: I can’t play it then.
2nd: how could anybody finish it?

I also can’t figure out this, took me a while to work out right click also move the character.

There are quite a few common keys, but sure a document or keyguide would help.

hurray, the keys are documented in the help.txt file included in the install directory, I am working on a zip, but I have very limited bandwidth, also I released the game early due to pressures in my private life, and yes there is alot of things particularly sound, that would make the game more obvious to play., if you get a new backpack, you have to transfer all your equiptment into it from the old backpack, if that is what you, well I can finnish it, so you should be able to(without the serial key). I hope I answered all your questions

I can finnish it, so you should be able to

Unfortunately, you are mistaken! Congratulations for finishing your game! However, it’s very hard to play, since there’s no real orientation events happening around, without such events, plying has no meaning since one does not know how to do,why do it, where to go… I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to do simple stuff. Walking is not very intuitive, which is a downer; if it’s hard to get somewhere, it’s difficult to keep playing.
You could finish it because you made the game and you know the whole story, the others (we) don’t know that.
As for game features, although the design is not really appealing, the mechanisms that run the game seem to be good and very game like, too bad you didn’t polish the whole thing…
As for time, you should make it, arrange your activities so you can spend at least 4hrs a week in your game (if you plan on making another).

I had a long story planned for you(tora), but I will make it simple enough for you to understand and for me to type::: It can be finnished!

I was waiting for a few people to try it before I released this info.


:::GOD MODE:::

Get the cell phone(put it in your backpack), type in “IAMGOD” in caps, push the little green button and it will say you are God.

“F1” save startup, “F2” load startup (these buttons are dangerouse

“1” Tile mode
“2” Object mode
“3” play mode
"0""4"“5"6” - cars/bikes/helicoptes and aeroplanes (watch out for respot)

Mouse-delete/cycle/place etc

Arrow keys(not numpad) : For selecting and adjusting Objects propertys

A cool thing to try:

Go into object mode, push the up(or down) arrow key until it says “Character Number”, then you will be able to go through every character on the game by pushing right button!!!

Have fun with God mode! (its the inbuilt game editor (other editing was done with notepad)!!!)

PS : game can become unstable in God mode, but, if something goes wrong you can fix it!!! (E mail me if you want instructions)