KiD 1.6 Complete RPG with editable world (fixes, driving release, new you tube vid)

Nicholas Nel’s KiD
Hi guys, I am proud to present a Gameplay release of KiD, since I spent all the time on the massive architecture in the first release I have decided to make the focus of this release Gameplay.
(said with version 1.2)

I have just released version 1.3 it features Many bugs fixes, Sound, gas and grenade bombs.

also, new screenshots and you tube vid.

1.4 minor bug fixes added

KiD (killer Instinct Development)

  • No Persons Under the age of 13, contains violence. Other than this, if you are sensitive to this and are over the age of 13, you should also turn back now!
  1. Game Features.

1.1- first release

  • Keyboard and Mouse controls
  • Full GLSL Graphics.
  • Working Generic Characters, 40 000 metre square Set and many objects.
  • 2 hours playing time Guaranteed with Complete Walkthrough.
  • 3 Save game Slots.
  • ± 128 MB Game Size.
  • Fully Expandable “RPG” Core (available to public as GOD mode).
  • drive, fly, walk, attack, talk…Anything!
  • Pick up any gameobject and interact with it.
  • Container and NPC inventory.
  • Buy anything with enough money.
  • Follow the plot or free play.
    1.2- Complete remake
  • Performance increase.
  • Improved user friendlyness and game play.
  • Pedestrians.
  • No bloom, New Saturation script with more detail.
  • Improved AI (pathfinding).
  • GPS memory feature with added buttons.([ and ])
  • Analog game clock.
  • Manual file with full controls
    1.3- Retail release
  • Optimizations
  • Many bugfixes (to many to list)
  • New character faces
  • Ambient lighting
  • NPCs have possesions(don’t steal)
  • Grenades and Nerve Gas Bombs (be sure to wear a gas mask)(extra buttons T and G to operate)
  • old GW Firearms shop now sells Bombs(just look it up in the GPS memory called “Arms & Bombs”)
  • Sound effects and ambient background sounds
    1.4- Minor bug fixes
    -a few bug fixes
    -ATI graphics card bug

1.5- Many bugfixes and driving improvements

  • Money Bug FIXED!
  • Height map added.
  • Cars hardly bounce when speeding.
  • Cars faster.
  • Roads wider and less cluttered for better driving.
  • Better coloring.

-1.6 Performace release
-added smiles and a couple teeth!

  1. Download Links.
  1. Minimum Requirements.
  • Dual Core 1.6 ghz, 512 MB GFX with Shader support.
  • pref. Dual Core 1.6 1024 MB GFX with Shader Support
  • Windows.
  • 128 MB Drive space Excluding Installer File.
  1. Made In 1 year and 7 Months.
  • This Product was made and refined over 1 year and 7 months.
  1. Copyright

-I own 100% of the rights to the artwork and plotting, basically, I own the game :stuck_out_tongue:
-Like any other engine user, I do not own the engine and it has a separate copyright agreement.

  1. Credits,Thanks and Inspiration.
  • Generic types and inspiration : Morrowind, Ultima, GTA.
  • This game is a product of Nicholas Nels hard labour!

I have downloaded it yesterday and played it.

First of all: The Complexity, Character Management and Possibilities are fascinating!

However, the Controls quite bugged me: When walking per Mouseclick, the turning of the Camera makes navigating a Pain and when walking per Keyboard (which I did most of the Time), then taking a Step back would be a pleasing Possibility.
However, these are minor Things that just bothered me. The actual Problem is/are the Framerate Issues: Generally, the Game runs slow and laggy, but now and then the Framerate increases and everything runs smooth with all of a Sudden. So I guess that the Problem there is the Management of the Game Elements. I don’t know what you did there, but the Game could run really smooth obviously.
This is actually a real Problem as the low Framerate even makes Doubleclicking almost impossible at Times. I HATED opening Doors in this Game.

It seemed unclear to me how I should handle the Inventory as at Least I thought there is one. Seems there is now Inventory even though you use a Backpack? It took me quite some Time to realize: Grab Key, keep pressed, move Object over Car, let go of the Mouse Button, Car is unlocked. I had no Clue until I once robbed Someone’s Bike! Before then, I was so confused that I eventually just ran Rampage as at Least that is made very easy (???), murdered Shout, took his/her powerful Scythe… and ran even more Rampage, because everything else was so much more difficult to control.
Until my Computer broke down.
My Computer practically never breaks down from a Blender Game. I think you really have to clean up whatever gives that horrible Framerate.

Two last Things:

  1. No Sounds, no Music, just nothing?
  2. »What are these? Giant Coconuts?? click … ROCKS???«

But other than that, I somehow enjoyed playing and I even would call it inspiring! : )

Nice game, pretty neat.
You should put this on bGame if you want more attention in future.
I agree with what most of C.A.Ligari said, keep it up.

Hi, the game runs perfectly on my computer with no lagging (unless I use screen capture), I have a dual core, 1 gig ram, and a ge force 520 1 gig.

It is an honest benchmark and I hope this can help you

I will check out bgame, thanks

Hi, I have just released version 1.3, since 1.2 was basically a remake I had lots of bugs to fix, Im sure you will find a smooth ride on a new computer(standard)

Have a look through the new features in the opening post for more information

KiD 1.4 was released with a few bug fixes. Enjoy!

Excelent and unique game :RocknRoll: the best i saw here

Hi guys,
Thanks tinchopunk!

I have just released a new version with exciting new things and nice bug fixes.

The important bug fix was the money bug (cant put money on stage), and other than that I focused on making the vehicles more fun to drive, the cars are faster and the roads are wider!

Have Fun like always

Wow, well done!

thank you Ross!

I released 1.6 as a follow up to 1.5 as it contained many changes. Enjoy

I really hope this gets more publicity, your games are all good but for some reason get little publicity. Also, you can include videos using the film icon. Like this;