Kid Darth Maul painting(Gimp)

Click image for hi-res version

Started from my pencil sketch that had the tattoos and horns different form that of actual Maul design(must have done it by memory)scan it,touched up and painted.Took about and and 1hr 15mins.

Very nice. I wish I could work that fast. I did a picture of Darth Maul in Windows Paint using a mouse instead of tablet. It did not look this good.:spin:

Ha :smiley: He’s so cute! Are you gonna make this in blender?

aww – I wish I could put him in my pocket - he’d be my lucky charm


I have an old wacom tablet that has served me pretty well over the years.
It definitely help me with speed.


Not a bad idea. I’d probably use the sculpting tools.

Know what you mean.
I was going for that cute but menacing look to where you just want to reach to his face,and pinch his cheek:)

Hey if you make this in blender can I 3D print him? That would be an awesome key chain.

Yeah it would.
I’m doing a few more kid Star Wars characters painting.
Han solo is next.
If my Blender portrait modeling is still up too par, I’ll give it a shot.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my art:)

This is pretty awesome. Cant wait to see Han, I can olnly imagine him being the biggest snot nose brat!