Kid with scarf and moose.

Kid with scarf and moose. Made with Paint Shop Pro 7.
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I thought you meant a goat in a scarf for a socond :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know about the kid in scarf. Is he wearing a chicken’s outfit?
I like how you positioned the moose. The angle of the viewer’s perspective is well-placed and makes the image interesting and unique. I think it’s a lot more exciting than the kid with the scarf, which really doesn’t make much sense to me and seems rather ordinary.

The kid was actually just a doodle that I decided to shade because I was bored.

If one might have noticed, the moose’s shading is a little off because the light source use to be from the lower right hand corner, but I decided (after shading) that it looked better from the upper right hand corner, so I moved it and tweaked the shading a little.

Oh, and no. The kid is not wearing a chicken outfit. I often don’t like drawing things the way they normally are, so his hat is a little funny.