Hi all.

It’s been in the WIP topic for too long and I’m ready to call this one finished.

I’m gonna rig hem and then animate him, but before that, here’s a render.
C&C most welcome.

thats awsome man the only thing i dont like in that whole pic are the shoes

Very very nice modeling!!! Really, a great job.
Agreed with Aidan, the shoes are a little weird…you could try to give them some more shape, they look a bit like a ‘block’. And maybe they’re a little bit oversized for such a little kid ^^ Something else that caught my eye were the fingernails…they don’t look entirely natural, maybe make them a little more shiny? don’t really know.
Of course these are just really tiny details…all in all you did an excellent job i think. And nice wooden floor :wink:

Thanks both. Cool that you like hem.

I kinda dislike the shoes too, but I don’t think they are too big, I like them this size. I’m gonna try and make them better.

The fingernails problebly have a too grey colour ans are too less shiny. I’l fix that.

The floor texture is just for fun but it makes the scene a bit more believable.

Tnx for the replys, after my exames I’l fix those bugs.

I love this character!!! But yes, the shoes looks so heavy it’s unbelievable! 8) But hey, who cares anyway? The shoes I use at work look almost like that… :o

Very nice caracter!

It reminded me of this french comic book called Kid Paddle.


Thank you Graven and Kai_yak.

Guess what. That’s my reference. (That’s why this topic is called “Kid”…;))

Well i guess it explains it all :smiley:

I only saw the wip later. My bad !!! :wink:


Great work Sander :slight_smile: i especially like the way you modeled the socks and shirt, looking forward to see 'm animated 8)

WOW! Very styled and very well modeled! About those shoes, just call em’ steel-toed-shoes and they’re perfect! :smiley:

Thanks, Job. You’ll see this fella animated (soon…?).

Thank you Clean3D.

From now on the shoes are called the “steel-toed-shoes”.


Very cool, but there’s something odd about this one…
Where’s his mouth?! :stuck_out_tongue:

its in his neck…:slight_smile: look at the other one


He is right that it looks odd. I like it this way though.

Btw, I started rigging…

Are you gonna name him “Beaver”?

If you wish.