KiDimension -Video-


I have been working for a few years on my game KiD! I have actually been using the same main video since it’s release one and a half years ago, so, this being an up to date video of my game including all the new features and a new rendered Intro/Outro.

The intro/outro and game don’t need a rating… but you know, all kinds of people online being weird!

10 seconds of animation Rendered with Cycles at 100 samples on a GTX 960 (total time 2 hours)

BGE with custom shaders running in real time (really hard to compose)

Also, I want to show you how it’s presented in it’s final state at KiDs website, so I am giving you a link with the video embedded.

The video is here:

Changes: I wont be changing this video or taking it down ever, but, any advice you give that can help me will be included in future videos.

Regards EyeBall.