Kids' Bedroom Ideas (WEIRDNESS AHEAD)

(CubeFan973) #1

These are from a weird brother of mine.

  1. For his girls’ bedroom, he wanted to paint a street corner with two people: A girl (a hooker) and a guy (the hooker’s customer).

  2. For his boys’ bedroom, he wanted to paint a jail cell, with two guys kissing (yuck) and some guys smoking pot and stuff like that.

  3. Then for a while, he changed his mind and decided that he wanted a volleyball team for a family! So he’d paint his kids’ bedrooms like volleyball stuff! (BTW: He’s a volleyball fan, so there.)

  4. Now, he’s either planning that or this: TOASTERS! He’d paint toasters all over the walls! Even the beds would be toasters! To tuck the kids in, he’d push down the handle and down they go! And in the morning, for them to wake up, POP! Up they go!

  5. For the girls’ toaster bedroom… toasters with PINK WINGS to make it more feminine!

Silly! Do you have any dumb or crazy ideas for kids’ bedrooms?

(mrmunkily) #2

definitely not the hookers.

little girls for god sake! that’s horrific.

Paint monkeys on the walls. Monkeys and bananas.
everone loves a monkey.

(cohort) #3

Actually, the toaster idea would be kinda cool…

(CubeFan973) #4

Yeah, the toasters would be cool, but could you imagine waking up because you’ve just flown 3 feet in the air? :stuck_out_tongue: (I wonder if they’d need blankets, or if he’d install heating…)

Trust me, my family is weird. My brother isn’t planning on doing the hooker thing anymore. (And if he did, he probably wouldn’t tell the girl what a hooker is or who she does. Okay, that just sounds bad…)

What the **** is it with monkeys all of a sudden? Come on, we’ve even got a monkey in Blender. Maybe we should start teaching evolution with monkeys… no, bad idea…

(rogerm3d) #5

I love the toasters idea and the monkeys and bananas are cool
But hookers and jail and stuff like that.? :frowning:
How about blenders as a theme kinda like the toasters.
Dont even wanna think about the beds :wink:

(valarking) #6

What was he smokin?

(Timonides) #7

Well it looks like he’s a new father…

His efforts will go in vein…

No matter what he’ll do, to decorate the rooms, the kids eventually will find a way to “redecorate” them… :wink:


(Timothy) #8

jeez people are silly,…

(CubeFan973) #9

No, he’s not a father yet (I think), though we’re all hoping he’ll find that special girl so he’ll move out of the house :stuck_out_tongue: . I think he’s leaning towards the volleyball bedrooms.

Come on, what kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a jail cell for a bedroom?

He didn’t smoke anything (ever). He’s just weird… like the rest of my city. Or at least, the rest of my family, my schools, and most likely every other 20s-age guys.