Kids Bedroom

Alright, I’ve stared at this far too long. I know there is SO MUCH to do, but I need to know some things, like how to change – the image seems a bit flat to me, and it’s getting there, but it still doesn’t look like a kids bedroom. I am willing to change anything, as I plan on making a very short short - and this is going to be the main scene. I want this to resemble the room of Andy’s in Toy Story. Please - I’ll take whatever you give at me. This is my first interior – I plan on making it good.
Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing brutal feedback!


Brutal feedback?? Throw it all out the window!

No, its quite good actually, what you need is more shadows, some false GI, and shadows too…
Check this out, it should really help you out, as it helped me…

And perhaps make some higher res textures, it increases the realism.

Then you can apply some DOF

Try that, and good luck :wink:

EDIT: The problem at your stage is, that you have gotten all the right things in your scene, eg. baseball watch, pencil bed, but its all the small things which make the image look lifelike. Your wallpaper texture is repetetive, apply highpass filter in gimp then increase contrast, then resynthesize it in gimp.

Maybe add a volumetric light from the window, to simulate daylight

more toys!!

Here is an analyzis :slight_smile: hope you can take it

Looks good so far! I think you need to have a bunch of toys sprawled out on the floor right at the bottom of the image - it’s a bit bare there. Also, I think you should have something tacked to that wooden board above the desk - maybe some paper with A B C on it or something, I don’t know. :wink:

My only question is why would a kid young enough to have a pencil bed…have a wooden desk with an office chair? My kids the age to have a pencil bed (actually he’s racecar) and, i’m not sure about every other parent out there, but there would be no way in hell I’d get him those items. Judging by the building blocks I’d say your kids a bit to young to be in that twin bed anyway…but every parent has thier own methods…I put my son in a bed like that while he was young…but the floor was lined with pillows when he was in it lol.

Maybe a plastic desk and a cheapo chair incase he ruins it, but nothing bigger. I mean…its been awhile since I watched toy story but I don’t remember Andy’s room having an office chair in it. Though I remember seeing a desk in Sids room, but that was a completely different type of desk (workbench)…in a very different type of room.

All in all you’re trying to make a childrens room. You’ve got one bed and one chair so I’m asuming there is only one kid in that room…yet the items in that room span 3 different age groups (depending on the child/parent)…its a bit confusing. The walls/clock/bed/mat under chair match, the chair/desk/end table match, the blocks match with maybe the walls. you’ve got to focus on one age group and build to that age group. Dont go by what YOU had at that age (maybe one thing is ok), but remember you’re trying to appeal to the average person. Model you’re room around things the average kid that age would have. Then when the average person looks at the room they’ll instantly see things they either had or would have had when they were that age and it will be easier for them to relate to the image as a whole. Currenlty you’ve got to pick one or two things out and relate to that, then switch your mindset to relate to the other things.

Looking great!
It looks like you light the interior with a lamp that doesn’t cast shadows.
I would add an Area light, that should help the realism.

Guiseppe - thank you for the links to those tutorials. I will study them shortly
Dragolux - that’s funny you mention that. I was working on a material with papers on it, for more realism. Thank you.
Housearrest - O see exactly where you come from. I’ll just save that chair/desk for another piece. I kind of tried to force them into the picture – I’m only sixteen… so I don’t have kids yet. Haha
Photoguy, you’re right. I’ll add one.
Thank you guys, very helpful. When I change the scene, I’ll update it and I hope to see comments just as helpful as yours! Thanks

Okay, so here’s an update. Most of the objects aren’t textured - or are temporarily. I need to know how to make a realistic world for outside the window. Does it look more kid like as opposed to the original jpg?


Anyone? I could really use some help on this project.

Looks much more like a kids room than your previous version. For safety reasons I’d watch that shelf that you have just leaning on the wall. It’s a perfectly fine shelf (I have one similiar)…but I wouldn’t want it to fall on my kid because he crawled behind it while I wasn’t looking…kids are ninjas lol. But that depends on how realistic you wanna get…and who the parents are.

Get some sheet of paper and crayons slapped across the floor. Maybe some crayon marking on the walls? No kid’s room is as neat as that one. Well around here, it aint:)
Some truck on the floor, as House said, some cars:)

The soccer ball’s position bothers me, correct me if Im wrong but at that angle, the ball wouldn’t be able to sit there and remain static. Make the pillow a bit bigger or add another one. The colour of the mirror frame bothers me a bit, white is for the bathroom usually. Kids like bright colours, so a yellow or red wouldn’t be bad.

Anycase, it looks great:)
Keep it up,

go to, you can find some pretty snazzy furniture to model :slight_smile:

Lighting is much better!!
I don’t have much more to add than that. But it’s a big step up.

Also I’m glad you got rid of the messy wall and replaced it with a cool blue. A nice move on your part :slight_smile:

Alright, I made the room much smaller, both length and width. I added a wallpaper strip – this is the second one as the first didn’t look right. Does this one look appropriate?
As well, I’ve changed the book shelf. It will look more ‘realistic’ when it has actual books and games resting on it - which brings me to the subject of me needing to throw toys all over the place (once I make them :slight_smile: In any case, I added a couple other things. Am I heading in the right direction?


Looks great. Especially with the colors.

The blanket looks more like mine than a kid’s.
Perhaps one with more colors like the drawers or the rug.

Maybe use a normal map of the woodgrain to give the floor some texture.
Or even replace it with carpeting.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the time to use BLender because of school, so this is a small update. I am aware that it is a bit dark, but I am trying to have it seem as if the lights are turned off and the only source is coming through the window. Most of the colors are temporary. I’ve changed a few colors, and added a couple of things, mostly very simple. What needs to be my top priorities right now, so I can work on them at home and during graphic arts in school?
In the second JPG, I moved the Incredibles poster down a bit.
Thanks guys


the window is far too small for the size of the room, and there should be ‘light patches’ where the light from the window falls onto objects. try using a humanoid model as a reference in your scene, some of the proportions look off.

Putting aside the humanoid model temporarily, I’ve changed the window size and all that goes with it (blinds, etc.). I think this is what you mean when you said “light patches” as now the blinds cast a further shadow, since it is larger, on the desk and such.
What else needs to be done that is quite obvious. Everyone’s feedback has helped me greatly! Thanks