Kids' Challenge 006

Kids’ Challenge 006[INDENT]***[INDENT]This Week’s Challenge Is: PLANTS

It can be any kind of plant… Tree, flower, shrub, mushroom, fruit, vegetable, etc.

Deadline: 6-28-2014 at 8:00 P.M. (EST)

Poll: Will only begin if there are 2 or more entries :wink: You may upload up to 3 blends per person.


Thank you!

This is my first entry :wink:

This is my second entry… It originally was supposed to be alive and well, but after my computer nearly crashed, I decided to stick with dead tree (though I left a few live leaves ;)).

A cactus I did similar to someone else’s cactus I saw on here (though it’s not nearly as good)
Enjoy! :smiley:


Is this grass?

I don’t know is it ?

Why did you enter it if you don’t know what it is?

Is it an obligation to know our work before posting it ?

Looks more like a minecraft cactus.

It looks like a default cube with a default setting with a default background with a default particule modifier.

Yeah, I think it is an obligation, and I’ll let it enter as a Mine craft Cactus, but… I don’t know.

Then i decide that it’s a rose.

You need some serious help… :spin:

Are you criticizing my art skill of representation ?

No, I’m just saying that you’re not with it in the head! LOL!

“No, I’m just saying that you’re not with it in the head! LOL!” LOL

:wink: Don’t worry, I’m the same way! LOL!

Personally I think it’s a beautiful rose.
Further I’d guess it’s a social satire, it just seems to perfectly catch the sublime hypocrisy of mankind while only portraying a slight hint of illuminati secrets… or something like that, or maybe unlike it, or maybe not even.

Well, My younger sister (11 yo) just started Blending few days ago and I spend just about 3 hours teaching her. (but she works amazing)
She is not ready for this kind of challenges but maybe in a month or tow, she can be ready for KIDS’ CHALLENGE.

ps: Can I open a new tread for her in SKETCH BOOK forums? She can’t read and write English well. (The models are clearly not mine. I’m 21 :|)
Or can i create a User Account for her and manage it myself? Unless she can read and write better!