Kids' Challenge 006

Probably… and have her submit her work here anyway :wink: This group is for all stages in Blender… besides, we need more competitors :wink:

Oh, yes, I see the rose. LOL! This isn’t an entry but here’s in my opinion a better rose :wink:

wow !! wait i didn’t see this we are 26 it mean i can participate i will participate with 2 renders i love the idea and it should be More famous because it’s cool
this is the first entry i did this render 2monthes ago or 3 i can’t complete it cause of my bad computer

second one it’s a tutorial feedback but i did a lot of changes to be like this

ah i should introduse my self
i’m mohamed from algeria 14 years old
introduce yourself too!

ah also a third entry 4 pine trees i lost the blend file but this image still in my render folder

LOL! I Just lost! I’m Joey from America. Please, if you are Muslim, know that this is a Christian Group. You WILL NOT be asked to leave, but we would thank you not to push Islam on us, or even mention it :wink:
PS: If you want to join the group click the following link :wink:
Great entries! Thanks! :smiley:

Joey, you’re the one who is mentioning Christianity every chance you get, the other guy said nothing about religion.

your reply has broken my heart freind
my be you have a previous bad look to islam but i don’t think 3 gods one of them die by a group of people can controll Universe
we willn’t talk about relegions here because it isn’t the right place but i will give you that and we will close this dialogue

and this

give yourself the light and watch the two vidoe to the end

ah forget you have also great works!!

i don’t know my own reason to introduse my self was to exchange a bit of freainship but…
generaly no problem!!

When did this kid become racist lol. And what’s up with the restriction of your group “only christian” “only -18” seriously, i mean come on i’m not a moderator but please can you quit this attitude Joey.

Like I said, It’s a Christian group :wink:

:smiley: Well then, Please join our group if you haven’t already! :smiley:

Only under 18, but not only Christian! And Sorry if I offend you, but that’s the way it is. Besides, are you going to protest Australia’s group, or America’s group, or France’s? Groups are for “DIFFERENT CATAGORIES”. Reach group IS NOT FOR EVERYONE! I can’t join France’s group, cause I’m not French! Same with everything else! So, what’s the difference between France’s group and Mine? BA Groups are for people who all have at least 2 things in common, 1. Is Blender, and the other is whatever the Group founder chooses. I chose “Under 18 years of age”. Also, this group is PG-ish No inappropriate language, or anything like that. Also, what about the woman’s group? Will you protest them also? Will you call sexist? Listen, I’m the group founder, and if I want it to be a Christian/Kids’/PG-ish group, then I have every right to do so! If you don’t like the rules, do your own group. And who knows, maybe I’ll join :wink:

Only -18, not only Christian! All religions may join, but I wish they would not speak of their beliefs. Will you protest France’s Group too, because not everyone can join? Because there are restrictions? Would you call them racist? I hope not! This is my group, and I have set down restrictions. One is that you must be under 18, and another is you may not use fowl language. Being a Christian is a plus, but not necessary. I simply ask that you respect the fact that it is Christian, and shouldn’t be polluted with other religions.

Joey… There is a clear difference between creating a group friendly to a community (that everyone can join, and for your information i didn’t even know that there were groups on BA, and that there is no such thing as a RESTRICTED group… which would be purely discimination) and creating a limited group to your own parameters (religion, age etc…). And i wasn’t even talking about your groupmania i was talking about you and your attitude on this thread that i find very blameworthy “but we would thank you not to push Islam on us, or even mention it” what’s that supposed to mean ? Care to explain ? Because he is from algeria makes him automaticaly muslim ?
I know this isn’t a proper thread nor forum to discuss about religion and discriminations and such but i find this kind of little act very shocking coming from a young boy like you.

Okay, this challenge is part of the group, which was started by me. And no Algeria DOES NOT make his muslim, but Algeria and Mohamed put together (Mohamed being probably the most common muslim name) means that more than likely he is Muslim. I’m simply asking him not to speak about islam in the group, or weekly challenges. Okay. Now please, JUST DROP IT! I’m sick of the arguing! :slight_smile:

Oops, I don’t think that smiley belongs there… LOL! :smiley:

I think you should remove every hateful comments here… I’m done talking with you little man.

Peace is nice :wink:

Thank you @dagto.
And also thank you @Joey_Blendhead.

May i say something?
At first, we should know that we pray God. We all believe in him. Where the hell he said that we should fight to prove we are good and the other one is wrong?
Why we should fight about religion?
I am muslim and i love christian, Why should i hate them? Why should they hate me?
Who said that Muslims are BAD? Who said that Christians are BAD?

We are human. Lets forget about religion.
We are just human. Lets honor humanity.
Please. I’m begging you.

I was following you Joey. Don’t care about your religion.
I love you humanity. The time you spent to answer my questions about this forums, made me see you as a nice guy. (your answers didn’t helped me much. But you spent time, and this is more important to me.)
I don’t care if you like me or hate me 'cause i am muslim or anything.
If you like me, That’s a good point for you.
If you hate me, You will lose a friend.

If you hate me 'cause i am muslim, Please count me as a religionless and love me.