Kids' Challenge 009

Kids’ Challenge 009[INDENT]***[INDENT]This Week’s Challenge Is: LOW POLY GAME ASSETS

It can be any kind of low poly game assets… Realistic, cartoonish, paper style, etc.
Just be creative! :smiley:

Deadline: 8-16-014 at 8:00 P.M. (EST)

Poll: Will only begin if there are 2 or more entries :wink: You may upload up to 3 blends per person.


Thank you!

Ooooh, this looks fun! I will have a shot at it tomorrow!
I am 13, so dat’s OK :smiley:

Okay, good! :wink: PS: You’re my age… :smiley:

I realised :smiley:

LOL! Fun age, eh? XD You on any other sites? (Deviant Art, CG Trader, etc.)

Very fun! XD
Ummm, I might get a Deviant art page soon actually! I go on Blend swap, mainly to download stuff :stuck_out_tongue: CGCookie, sculptcookie, etc! What about you?

I was going to PM you so that we don’t have to talk on a topic, but it said your PM list was full :frowning:

Deviant Art, Blend Swap, CG Trader, Turbo Squid (though I don’t use this account at ALL), Blender Artist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And for tutorials I have: YouTube, BlendTuts, Dark Scarab, and Blender Cloud (which I do not use since money is involved XD)… I probably have others but I’m not active on them… I have CG Textures… I think, and Plain Textures :smiley: I use mainly Deviant Art and CG Trader though :smiley: I’m the 7th most Popular on CG Trader out of nearly 3,000 :smiley:

I deleted my PMs a few days ago because of a similar complaint… So, you should be able to do it now :smiley: