KIDS Group!

ALL Kids Invited! Must be 18 and under to join :smiley:

Hey Guys, Ever get confused :spin: when you ask adults questions about Blender? Probably not :slight_smile: But if you have, this is the place for you! I think that if all the Kids get together we can be the BEST! So help me! We’ll make animations, models, still pictures and more! Perhaps we’ll hold challenges, and contests… And when were done, those of you who want a career in this, will have something to put on their portfolio! :smiley:

Thank you! :cool:

As someone who used to be a blender-kid and is now a blender-grownup (almost 30 years old now), I will just say that one of the great things about the blender community is that kids are taken as seriously as anyone else. Ask a real question, get a real answer. Upload artwork, get real feedback. While people may treat you a little differently as a kid, if you show you are serious, people will be serious with you in turn. As a kid, sometimes it’s hard to get people to treat you that way.

Good luck with your group!

Thanks Kemmler! Unfortunately, it’s not the same on CG Trader :frowning: I had a friend who lost a sale because his customer found out that he was 13 :frowning: He now hides his age to prevent it from happening :frowning: But so far I haven’t had any trouble on here :smiley:

Thanks Again! :smiley:

That’s a little bit different though. You are not allowed to have a paypal account if you are under 18 for example and where I live you are also not allowed to have a credit card until you are 18 years of age.

There are many laws that are for protecting minors from selling and buying services. You can even get into legal troubles if you buy products from minors on the net, even if that sound ridiculous in the CG business.

But yeah, there are no such issues here. Good luck with your group :slight_smile:

Well, actually I my Dad runs the bank account and all that, I have nothing to do with it :slight_smile: I just make the models :slight_smile:

Children can vulnerable online, caution is needed!

I agree with you there! I won’t give phone numbers or anything like that away, and won’t go to see anyone I’ve never met before :slight_smile: