kiku - voice recognition for Blender


some of you might be interested in using your voice (english, japanese) with Blender:

kiku is a voice recognition software for Ubuntu / Debian (32bit / 64bit):


haha, nice idea.

Great Find! Now to see if I can get my ancient mac microphone to work…

Is there a Windows version?

Wow! That is cool!

“Duplicity”= Duplicate
“Pinch”= Extrude
“Proportion” = Scale

I think there where more but yeah…

Maybe before I try this out I will make sure those are fixed…

Your mouth would get pretty dry. Imagine modeling and rigging some hi-poly character or something.

I welcome this to relieve my aching wrists.


You can add / modify / delete any V2C (voice2command), but you need to know that we are limited by the VoxForge acoustic model. The word “extrude” doesn’t exist and “scale” is too short (or my accent too bad) for an accurate recognition.

If you speak Japanese the acoustic model is really good and accurate with more the 60k words (english around 15k-20k).

I would be happy to modify the V2C for Blender with your suggestions.

No, it’s based on xdotool (for controlling the mouse and keyboard), this library it not available for Windows (it’s for OS X for maybe one day i will release a Mac version).

wipinmtl, you are the dev of this? If so, what a great tool to have- but after screwing around with my mic, alsamixer, etc. kiku won’t even open anymore, plus I still can’t get the mic to work properly, ugh. I’m no audio guy. If you have any links to preferred settings or what is needed to make this work I’d appreciate it. On 64 bit Ununtu 10.10.

Funny I came across this post. For the past 2 weeks I’ve been working on voice control for Blender also. I was going to use a third party voice app until I realized Windows 7 has a really nice one built in (I’m guessing research/progress made for Xbox 360 Kinect voice control is why). If you use Windows 7 just find the speech recognition in control panel and it’ll take you thru the wizards. Once you get the basics just download the Windows Speech Recognition Macro (Vista/Win7) program that gives you the power to make your own voice macros. With a little help from AutoIt, I’m almost to point I can model completely with voice (obviously somewhat limited and time consuming), but possible. Nice to know there is a way in Linux also though!


Right now, kiku works with pulseaudio. So i think it’s a good idea to install:
sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

After that you will be able to select your input (microphone or line-in) and see what application are accessing your soundcard.

The first time you launch kiku a window will pop-up asking you what language you want to use and to import predefined V2C (Gnome, Blender…). Also on the first launch, after installing the language it will ask you to test the recognition, if it’s working (if your browser open after saying “give”) then everything is working.

After that, launching kiku will only put an icon in the taskbar, you can right click on it to have options (ie: show the main window). A left click will pause the recognition.

If you want to start from scratch, you can delete “.kiku” in your home folder.


Let’s see if it recognizes my sound.

wipinmtl, thanks for the tips- I think this weekend I’ll invest in a proper modern mic and give it a shot again.

BTW i am using the internal microphone of my laptop with fairly good result, so i won’t recommend to spend money on that. You decide, but please do not ask me for a refund if kiku is not working well for you :slight_smile:


I spent a whole $8.88 on a mic and now this is working, very cool! I’m curious about extending this, is there a tutorial for adding new words/functions, and is there a listing of what words are in the English Vox library? Thanks again

I just made a quick how-to video:

If you have a good working version for Blender, send it to me! I will make it available when installing kiku.

If you have any other question let me know,

I’ve been playing around with this a bit, and have adjusted/added a couple of things. I’m a bit stuck on the numpad keys, it recognizes it but doesn’t execute it properly.

*also I am having some trouble mapping different mouse buttons. mmb and rmb. Any info would be great!