Kill da mouse :E

Well, actually i really don’t know why i’ve decided to post this image .)))
But still this is my first image in here .)))

Sorry about my english .)))

nice pic,i like the wood texture.

good work.

Good stuff. Now you just need to model a mouse and animate the scene… :slight_smile:

nice render, but the technical part is a bit wrong. the left end of the spring needs to be attached somewhere and there has to be some kind of release mechanism for the thing… the way it is now, nothing will happen when a mouse eats the cheese :slight_smile:

very nice and clean look, cheese a bit shiny? and the spring as above, I like it :slight_smile:

cool 8)

Nice style. Lacks a mouse, though :wink:

looks great, apart from the top edge…it looks a bit strange with a black line there…it doesnt continue around the whole thing.

For all those posts above saying it lacks a mouse…What?! do you want to see the mouse die? :stuck_out_tongue: how mean you all are…isnt the thought that this trap is in place scary enough? we dont need a mouse to amplify the danger :smiley:

If the mouse holds on tight to the cheese he will be launched into space!!

Ha ha! Yeah, animate it like that. :wink:

Well .))) Actually i was looking for the most cruel way to kill a mouse… so - here is it!