kill the blob!

this is a game that I’m currently working on called kill the blob. It’s and “ok” demonstration of blenders new softbodys because the main character is a softbody that you can ram into a pikes (that’s all so far) I’m going to make multiple rooms and multiple ways to hurt and kill the blob, and there’s also the character which you can chose from a red or orange blob. but tell me what you think


are you going to release a .blend

btw this should go in Works in Progress, Game Demos, and Finished Games under the GameEngine section

That doesn’t look very “amazing” i’ve made a much better demo of the features =P

well sorry for putting amazing i changed it to ok this is only my second blender game and i thought its was pretty cool and ill post a .exe and i just started this so i haven’t gotten the heath or dieing parts done. It is in works in progress unfer game engine (hint:click the squares that come up with the blobs to select it.)
link ==>

you should use glsl

i would but i have to get a better graphic card my is like an hp pavilion 5500. basically it’s old, I’ll be getting a new soon i hope, but is my game any good???

Nothing too special… yet…

What’s the point?

well nothing yet just a demo of it i will make more things like death scene i would like to make it deflate when it hits a pike. you don’t even think for my second game my character choosing scene is good. and i will try very hard to make it better, do you have any suggestions?